A Shadow Beautiful Poem by Sandra Fowler

A Shadow Beautiful

Rating: 3.4

How can I write a shadow beautiful?
It is elusive, haunting as old verse.
The wind transcribes the dusk upon pale leaves.
I touch your hand to prove the mood is real.

A cloud or two portends day's epitaph.
Friend, linger takes us where all lyrics go.
The picture is an echo of itself.
No sound is needed to configure song.


Uriah Hamilton 16 June 2007

There are lovers that we meet and can't forget, lovers separated by time as well, you're poetry is the sadness of my heart, maybe we will be lovers yet in some place divorced from time. Uriah

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Will Barber 17 June 2007

A whisper, a prayer, a moment of tenderness - touch, sight and sound echo always in your verse. This poem brought tears to my eyes - blessed tears, that soothe the soul. Without shadow, light would be invisible. Truly, a wonderful blend of music, color, sound and soul.

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Amberlee Carter 18 June 2007

this is emotionally incredible... I love that you're speaking to someone a ' friend' leaves the reader wanting more. always, Amberlee

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Diane Violet 18 June 2007

This is a most shadow beautiful! Your use of nature that just pulls the reader into the mood outstanding! Loving your work as always Sandra, Hugs, Diane

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Nicola Burkett 19 June 2007

Pure beauty releases from the shadows at i read this poem..... Lovely piece (as always) Hugs Nix xx

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Eyan Desir 27 November 2009

This is like a harp playing in the soul

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Andrew Blakemore 29 October 2009

So tenderly written Sandra, I felt the evening breeze as shadows fall. A very beautiful piece. Love, Andrew x

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 11 May 2009

How can you write an elusive shadow beautiful? you just did Sandra. Superb!

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Fay Slimm 27 September 2008

So well worded, so drawn into the poignancy of this piece, a love poem of the deepest kind. thank you. Best wishes always from Fay.

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Kesav Easwaran 15 May 2008

lingering memories…well, the mind needs no words sound or visuals to transcribe them into you…a poem praising the shadows of real happy moments...

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Sandra Fowler

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