A Silly Poem Poem by David Harris

A Silly Poem

They flew on a moonbeam
and danced on the stars
the giraffe looked at the kangaroo
and said how do you do.
Old Mother Hubbard got into the act
when she went to the cupboard and found it bare.
“Sorry guys there is no food in there.”
Tom Thumb jumped up, said I’ll play mum,
and with that pulled out a plum.
They sat round the table
the giraffe, the kangaroo,
and the giraffe asked what you eating roo?
Caterpillar stew because wise guy
I hate to see butter fly.
Pinocchio stuck is nose in
like he likes to do
when suddenly it grew and grew.
A passing elephant looked in,
“Hey Pinocchio can you play a tune on that like I can do? ” Therefore, the nonsense band was born.
They played all night causing a bit of a storm,
the candles for miles all went plop,
and I’m glad to say this is nearly your lot.
All those who read this I hope get a smile
or at least a kick in the pants.
Because watch behind you there is an angry mule.
You’ve been framed
That’s the name of the game.
Now there is just one last thing to say
I’m removing the vote counter before I go away
because I know that some jolly prankster
will read this silly thing
and only leave me a one.
Now that’s all folks
as the loony toons might say
just enjoy yourself for the rest of the day.

& September 2009

Rani Turton 07 September 2009

I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely poem!

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Oludipe Oyin Samuel 22 June 2012

The effect is energetic- the bizarre links make the silliness more profound. Well, I'ld have given a 12...: -)

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Alison Cassidy 17 September 2009

Gorgeous nonsense - Lewis Carroll would be proud. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Marilyn Lott 10 September 2009

An adorable and fun poem, David, that captures the attention of readers from all ages. Loved it - '10! ' Warm Wishes, Marilyn

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Reshma Ramesh 10 September 2009

hhaha...what an amusing write....loved it thanks for sharing sir

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Carol Gall 07 September 2009

david this was imaginative fantastic i loved it all

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David Harris

David Harris

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