A Simple Act Of Kindness Poem by David Harris

A Simple Act Of Kindness

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A simple act of kindness
can stop a million tears.
A little hug
can give so much joy.
A letter now and then to someone
can save so many wasted years.
We should hold every moment precious
and help as many as we can
with a simple act of kindness
every now and then.
The world would be a better place
if we all cared a little more.
Imagine how many smiling faces
would greet us at the door
if we extended that helping hand
with a simple act of kindness
that could spread across many lands.

6 March 2009

piwdiepie 27 January 2021

whasup gamers!

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anurag 22 August 2018

he has written very small poem

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a youtuber cool 27 January 2021

i need study this so i want a smaler one

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miss pots 10 November 2017

wow! so true I think this shows how to be kind in the community!

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 07 March 2009

A simple act of kindness can change the whole world. A true motivational poem. People need to understand such words of kindness in true spirit. Beautiful, David. Best Regards. Naseer

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reuben 04 July 2019

Loved this

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Duncan Wyllie 06 March 2009

Our next question then should be how and when can I help? Then we must act! True? David this is a beautiful poem again by you, love makes the world a better place, there is no doubt about that You have spread some of that special feeling amongest us here Thankyou for such kindness and wisdom shown Take care Love duncan X

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David Harris

David Harris

Bradfield, England
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