A Smile A Star Poem by mark nwagwu

A Smile A Star

Rating: 4.9

Nothing was well
all of life a duel
springing there
with blows everywhere.

Stepped out of the car
my wife not far
to hospital we headed
for what we had dreaded
results from doctors in faith anointed.

From nowhere she came to us bubbling
slim, svelte, and wondrously sparkling
She greeted us stunningly smiling.
just love you two to us she confessed
the glint in her eye a prize we possessed

What a day of grandeur this has been
a star in a smile shone in our bin

Kesav Easwaran 22 July 2008

really good one, mark...a pleasure to read 10

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Mudashiru Shittu Yomi 15 July 2008

a wonderful poem dat reminds of the circumstance dat surrounds my birth

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Anthony Edmond John 15 July 2008

Hello Sir This One Is Nice... I have been going through your works and they are Well Styled...Maybe age has got its effects...But You are good Sir. Sir, I have gotten over 564 Works-In-Poetry All Unpublished some of which you can check online right away...If You find My Works of Standard, I suggest Sir, That you be my Backbone in sponsoring The Publication of An Anthology By Anthony Edmond John and Mr. Mark Nwagwu. I also Have 2 short stories all Unpublished, Financial Incapabilities have kept me back from publishing. Thanks a lot Sir... Anthony Edmond John +2348020984990

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Deepti Agarwal 21 May 2008

beautiful....... :)

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Stone Granite 09 May 2008

Well done, my friend, well done!

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Aijaz Asif 16 October 2008

it realy did put smile on my face when i end reading this poem..its a very beautiful write sir.....thanks 10

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Chitra - 10 October 2008

a heart warming write, a smile can works wonders, instill bliss in the inner chamber

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Sandra Fowler 01 October 2008

A postitive smile that lit up your life just when you needed it. Lovely. Thank you for sharing this warm experience. As always, Sandra

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Nkululeko Mdudu 24 July 2008

If I were a critic I'd probably say ' I'm not impressed, the rhyming's not constant, the flow in the second stanza is cut short and the length of the lines is inconsistant', but I'm no critic so i'll say this from my heart ' the message was real and the poem felt natural, not following literary expectations, so from me it's congraculations.

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Sarwar Chowdhury 24 July 2008

Thoughtful expressions....Vote 10 has been clicked with joy.

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mark nwagwu

mark nwagwu

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