A Sojourn Poem by Rajesh Thankappan

A Sojourn

Rating: 4.5

I personally took care to pack my luggage
And to pick up things I wanted in my baggage
For it was a sudden plan to go on a short vacation
To a mountain resort, one of my favorite destinations.
I picked up my fluoride tooth paste and the tooth brush
And toiletries that I should not forget in this mad rush,
Comfortable clothing for an easy summer wear
Moisturizers for the skin and conditioners for the hair,
Dark grey goggles that I often love to sport
Which I had bought from a vendor outside the Chennai airport,
A camera to capture the locations and the happy occasion
Biscuits, snacks and some common medications.
My favorite cologne that I should not like to miss
And such things to pamper my desire and wish.

On reaching the mountain resort we had some refreshments
And then dashed-off to indulge in our favorite amusements,
We hired two canoes to paddle through the placid lake
Visited the reptile house which housed various species of snakes.
We soaked the grandeur of the forested mountain that stood tall
Spotted some rare birds on tree trunks making distant calls!
Gazed at the star constellation whichrose brilliantly in the clear sky
Which amidst the city smog and light we fail to espy.

When the day was done and I dropped into the bed
A thought flashed through my head and I congratulated myself,
This time around, I have not forgotten to pack each of my things
For this is a worry that often perturbs me and stings.

A related thought that was following me stealthily soon surged ahead
And thus on overtaking me with a smile questioned me thus:
‘Friend, you have meticulously packed everything for this short stay,
But are you prepared to take the heavenly bus when it comes your way? ’

Geetha Jayakumar 30 January 2014

Interesting poem. It took me to the wonderful hill station with beautiful boating ride. The question at the last left me wondered, should I tell lie or should I tell truth? Well I feel I haven't packed the things yet for this ride. I think I should start packing it. So that when the next bus comes to take me to heavenly ride, I will definitely board it. Beautiful poem. Loved reading it.

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Kanav Justa 30 January 2014

.. the last stanza is quiet interesting, , , loved the whole poem, , , , in a beautiful way you described the trip, , nice write, , ,

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Mihaela Pirjol 08 June 2016

This was indeed a great adventure for me too (as a reader) , for I had traveled with the speaker through fascinating imagery and places, and brought in mind excursions of my own at the mountain. I very much enjoyed the read and the trip. Great!

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Deepak Kumar Pattanayak 05 February 2015

Very insightful and at the end of your brief sojourn I felt life is but a sojourn and we should always remain prepared for the heavenly bus that might come anytime........very well composed.....10

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Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 24 December 2014

We are preparing in advance on any journeys but somehow we cannot do it certainly in the last journey where we can't get any clues. A good writing and meaningful.

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Shania K. Younce 16 March 2014

A lovely write. Bien!

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Neela Nath Das 02 February 2014

A journey from micro to macro! Very profound write!

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