A Woman's Work Is Never Done! Poem by Tracey TEE

A Woman's Work Is Never Done!

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A woman's work is Never done
I never seem to stop
My Sink must collect next doors dishes
cos it's always full up to the top

I know every crack on my neighbours wall
cos I'm chained to my Kitchen sink
I think, he thinks I fancy him
cos he keeps giving me a wink!

The dishes finally done,
Now time to mop the floors
and wash those grubby finger prints
from every blinkin door.

I've even shone the handles
though pointless it will be
but at least they'll shine for a
little while
till the kids get in at 3.

The beds are made, my windows gleam
the washing hung out to dry
the ironing board is empty for once
everything's looking just fine.

It's 10 to three, time for a rest,
put my feet up before they come in,
cos once the rascals get home from school,
I'll be starting all over again.

Shashendra Amalshan 01 June 2009

that s a nice one indeed, ...but i was touch, i mean this happen to many woman after they marry, bit monotonous rite, all the girly fun is no more..but after children get home you must feel heaven is at your feet? ..little angels running around, they must be cute little rascals i guess lol.... thanks for sharing 10++ regards with love sha

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