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A Squirrel's Lenten Appeal To A Cat

Rating: 3.8

A cat climbed up a giant mulberry tree
To ask if squirrels have been away from their home.
One squirrel answered: 'We have been hiding,
The tree is tall and it's hard to jump down to escape your fangs.
We were roaming happily for days
But we felt scared since the day you climbed up this tree.
We ask you for a special favor
We are now in lent season so please abstain from fresh meat.
We have a lot of good food that we stacked away
Our walnut and dry corn-on-the-cob are readily available.

Please have a special vegetarian meal with us.
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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: animals,fun
Inspired by a Vietnamese rhyme when I see my cat climbing up my giant mulberry tree looking for squirrels:

'A cat climbs up a betel palm tree
Inquires why a mouse is not at home
A mouse goes to a far away market
To buy salt and fish sauce
to prepare for cat's father death anniversary'

'Con mèo mà trèo cây cau
Hỏi thăm chú chuột đi đâu vắng nhà
Chú chuột đi chợ ̣đàng xa
Mua mắm, mua muối giỗ cha con mèo.'
Brian Emel 05 October 2017

You told me this was a good one, and I fully agree, it was quite funny as well!

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Nhien Nguyen 05 October 2017

Thank you for reading, and comment. I am glad you enjoy this poem.

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Dung Nguyen 26 April 2017

Beautiful piece of writing! I really enjoy this poem! I love this poem in the words. Thank you for sharing your poem with us. Simply awesome!

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