At The Butcher's Shop Poem by Green Peace

At The Butcher's Shop

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Was standing at the butcher's shop
Saw the butcher slaying the legs
Shrieks --- Blood --- Redness---
Anger --- Cruelty -- Death ---
Cold ---- Stiff --- Hostility ---

Washing -- Cleaning --- Sensitivity ----
My emotions overflowed
Felt numb of flesh, dumb of spirit
As if consuming ignorance
Passion --- Wrath --- Arrogance ----

Through one, many, all
Evolves collective apathy, enmity, revenge--
Why not efface them?
Never slain, never consume them
The lust, the greed, the crave that feeds on man.

Chitra - 24 May 2009

an empathetic tone...each morsel of divinity has the right to live and let live wonderful theme

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Blue Eyes 27 December 2008

oh, i am speechless, i love this poem a is great though it is little harsh

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Sathyanarayana M V S 12 December 2008

Big fish eats small fish, an alligator eats all fish, rabbits are consumed by tigers. But human eats everything; if allowed even other human......good poem

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Bob Blackwell 09 December 2008

This an excellent write, today in the developed world we are insulated from the slaughter of animals, meat prepacked in plastic trays, no thought of life thats taken. Most people insulated from life itself as well do not see the killing going on. Bob

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Reshma Ramesh 30 November 2008

gave me shivers.......................eewee well penned...i must say

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