A Summer Love Poem by Darkangel Flyfree

A Summer Love

A warm summer's night
nestled cozy in your arms
rocking back and forth
from a wooden swing
hung by an oak tree
we sit
nothing but silence
just lingering thoughts
rafting in the summer's breeze
floating toward stars bright
the feel of your touch
warm breath against my neck
makes my heart beat rapidly
as i lay my head upon your shoulder
and your arm wrapped around me
sweet tender lips full of smiles
speaks of our love so pure and true
when you lay them upon mine
no words are needed
for our love is already known
the look in your eyes
tells all
on this warm summer's night
a summer love is all that remains.

Shouvik Roy 28 June 2012

aaahh..i could just feel those moments...sensual write...nicely described... :) good job

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Shihabudheen K J 04 July 2013

awesome summer love poem....a midsummer nights dream

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Beach Girl 21 June 2013

Wow this poem, it is so romantic!

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Hamid Negah 27 July 2012

very nice, when i read your poem feel you're present.

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Guess Who 04 July 2012

A great poem well written and well chosen words Summer Love ! ! nice title i love your poem Good work keep it up Guess Who

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Dougie Fresh 28 June 2012

very descriptive and as usual a very pretty poem. Nice Job!

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