A Fairy Tale Poem by Darkangel Flyfree

A Fairy Tale

Rating: 5.0

A fairy tale of love
Has come to be
All these years of wishing
Upon my shining star
For someone as bright
And special too
To come find and rescue me
Oh my Romeo
My prince charming, my knight
Climb up this balcony
With a lovers kiss
Confess thy feelings for thee
How much you love
And cannot stand to be without
Be my king and I your queen
Take my hand
And we can conquer
Whatever life throws at us
Face this world together
You and me Baby
A team for life
My love is so strong
There are no words to express
But if we wait just long enough
We shall have that happy ending
We both deserve
A fairy tale of true love
At last! ! !

Ellias Anderson Jr. 16 August 2012

Nice tale of love where ever i have tried and read. this shows a fragrant and brilliant poem. Romeo, ..it reminds.Me the goods of William Shakes pear. nice work Dark angel, so well!

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Saadat Tahir 16 August 2012

Oh my Romeo My prince charming, my knight Climb up this balcony With a lovers kiss Rapunzel finally speaks to the world... :) beautiful lines...loved reading this charming old fable...written with flair and style :) ***

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Payal Parande 21 August 2012

a beautiful fairy tell mam...the words flow like a gentle stream and the emotions are so deeper with each word they grow bigger and bigger like tree, i love it.... Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose poem is beautiful of all? The magical mirror answered- You, Queen angel, you. thank you for sharing, payal

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Knight Fizzstorm 24 August 2012

Beautiful tale of love. I commend you.

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Dougie Fresh 16 August 2012

that sounds like on Hell of a good fairy tale! Very Good! I love it! ! !

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Shihabudheen K J 10 July 2013

a rare romantic poem written by angel....fine

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Guess Who 03 January 2013

beautiful poem......i liked it..... you sure have become better... keep the good work up.. wishing you good luck as usual GuessWho

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Thoughts Of A Poet 20 October 2012

i love this poem i think your words are wonderful, and you are a good poet, and i love reading your work,

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Heather Wilson 26 August 2012

A beautiful romantic poem, well written, a lovely read.

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Valerie Dohren 26 August 2012

Very romantic write, just lovely.

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