A Complain... But To Whom? Poem by Afzal Shauq

A Complain... But To Whom?

Rating: 4.1

To whom
do I complain
is it here...?

People living round me
whom my heart reaches
trying to beat as one
run from me

I present songs of love
played on my heart's violin
But they would rather
dance for money.
Poem In Pashto By: Afzal Shauq
Translated in English By: Alley Boling
Book: 'TWIST OF FATES' Poem No.213/Page.282
Web Link: http: //khyberwatch.com/nandara/index.php?
PDF files: http: //khyber.org/books/ashauq/index.shtml
Poet's weblog: www.tolafghan.com/members/afzalshauq
© Afzal Shauq


'I present songs of love played on my heart's violin But they would rather dance for money.' - You loved them honesty from the depths of your heart. But they instead fell for material and superficial things like look and money... they lost...... such depreciates and grows old... the the love of a heart only grows.....

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Annabel Sheila 16 August 2009

This poem is a sad testament to the value placed on material things. In the end, the things we can't hold in our hands are what counts. They are the real treasures in life. Wonderful poem! Anna

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Aparna Sinha 25 September 2009

Wow..what a great begining! ! I am lucky..I loved this poem..how very thoughtful, Thank you for uploading marvellous thoughts on poemhunter

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Chris G. Vaillancourt 15 October 2009

An awesome, evocative write

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Kassiah Gervaise 28 November 2009

a very lovely poem i liked it.

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Mohammad Muzzammil 16 September 2011

Nice poem containing beautiful words to express your pain seeing the plight of society of the present era. The world has been dominated by wealth and now there is no value of man. I like your poem ^_^

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Natasha Kirke 31 October 2010

Hm. I really like this one! It's very meaningful!

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Fadwa Gmiden 20 October 2010

you can complain to your words you can complain to your god because he's the only one will hear you

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Rabia Fazal 15 July 2010

Slam, You have written this very nicely.very adorable keep writing.

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Krazy Rae 22 April 2010

It kind of makes you think...I like it very nice hope you continue writing

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