'Acquired Label' Poem by Afzal Shauq

'Acquired Label'

Rating: 4.7

Being I am..
a child of Adam
as on the day
I, intented to step out
from the door of my home
chasing out for
my global siblings;

the rigid beings of
my own birth town
suddenly started gossiping
I’m 'an atheist'.. full grown!

Poem By: Afzal shauq

edited By: Catrina Heart

Seema(Aanamika) 80 27 October 2009

Nice poem, Ireally enjoyed reading it, thx for sharing...10+

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Elsee Daniel 27 October 2009

well penned...good diction....10+

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Mehreen Mujeeb 27 October 2009

short and very effective

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Philosophy of a DewyFlower 27 October 2009

Being I am.. a child of Adam.. well written and well expressed... your verses pass on meaningful messages! I liked so much the last sanza. Thanks For Sharing

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Christina Phan 27 October 2009

well written n short fanastic job 10+

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Leah Ayliffe 21 November 2009

Great poem, powerful words!

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Sally Plumb Plumb 30 October 2009

I am an athiest, I think your poem is top draw.

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Rachel Butler 30 October 2009

'Alas.., the rigid beings of my own birth town' Rachel Ann Butler

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Sandhya S N 30 October 2009

Brilliant expression regards sandhya

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Ala Elouri 29 October 2009

Short, breif but I like it! . Nice poem and keep up your work. :) I Hope you will become famous in this website and people see your talent.

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