American Dream Poem by Wojja Fink

American Dream

Rating: 5.0

I’d love to visit Montana and wander on the plains
And go camping in Yosemite and walk inside the rains
Catch a Greyhound bus, down the roads we’d dally
And make sure the driver stops in the middle of Monument Valley
I’d find myself a horse and saunter round the peaks
Be mesmerised by sunsets I’m sure I’d stay for weeks
Then I’d ride my horse to Yellowstone, and wander by a stream
And read the words of Whitman and go searching for his seam,
Maybe I’d go fishing and catch a big fat trout
Then wander by the moonlight when all the stars are out
I’d like to walk in circles round a giant old redwood tree
I’m sure I’d do it barefoot I’m soppy can’t you see
I’d catch a train to Aspen and breathe the mountain air
I’d sing a song to Huckleberry by the Mississippi where
The river flows so wide and catfish lie in wait
As Tom and Huck go fishin’ with Mr. Twain’s old bait
I’m sure I’d visit Sandra, imbibe her grace and style
Bump into Bob Dylan, maybe make him smile
Maybe visit Chuck who lives somewhere in Vermont
Then climb the Rocky Mountains it’s always been a want
I’d wander round for years and soak up all the views
Weave it in a poem and tell you all the news,
I know it’s just a dream that fits inside a rhyme;
But you never know your luck, I may wander there sometime.

Cindy Kreiner Sera 31 March 2009

I hope you do, your description so clear you could well have been. Makes me want to reach out for my hiking boots. Dream on....- Cindy

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Sandra Fowler 31 March 2009

In your mind, you have been in America. Lovely write. And thank you for the kind compliment. Take care. Always your friend at poemhunter, Sandra

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Sathyanarayana M V S 03 April 2009

Lovely poem Wojja. I wish ur dream come true

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Teresa Dearing 04 April 2009

Tks for the tribute to our fair country. U did well for never having been here. don't forget to visit places like SD, Fl, MN, TX and my fav San Francisco and NapaValley. T

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo 11 April 2009

it has a patriotic atmosphere and well penned the world wants the American Dream too my friend great tribute

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Christopher Flynn 10 July 2009

A poem that shows the beauity of Americas best When you live here you sometimes forget How nice it is. Wonderful poem

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Omar Ibrahim 18 June 2009

stunning! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! awesome rhyming.....super poem by a super poet! ! ! ! !

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Subroto Chatterjee 27 April 2009

Now thats the eternal hitchhikers dream....and in your case, just the right amount of the Pathfinder....Useful tour guide too! ! Cheers. Subroto

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Stephen Stirk 14 April 2009

We share the same dream John. Went once in 1983 but unfortunately haven't been back. It's on the agenda though. A cracking write, which evoked personal memories Steve

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 11 April 2009

I too wandered with you in your dream My heart gave deep happiness scream.....Good Write...10+++

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