A Village Far Far Away Poem by Naseer Ahmed Nasir

A Village Far Far Away

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Far, far away is my village!
Where fireflies of my childhood
Still glow in thick folliage
Of Pipal trees.

My lisping words
As they fell from my lips
Are still alive
On old, bent, dying stairs
Of the long-deserted house!
Like rapiers thrust into silence.

Far, far away is my village!
Where darkness
Spreads its wing before it is evening
Tick-tocking sound of the flour mill
Long flights of birds
Going far, far away
Tinkling bells
All become a single tune
To drown into the dark lake
Of night.

Far, far away is my village!
Where I saw
Dreams of happy days to come
While learning my lessons
In the dim light
Of hurricane lamp.

Far, far away is my village!
Where reflections of my first love
Still linger
Where paths are shrouded
In sadness
And loneliness laced with secret longings
Peoples fields, ponds, the school
And trees herded together.

Far, far away is my village!
Where wind still finds
Its way in moonlit nights
Through silent streets
And sleepy courtyards
Calls for me in silence
And turns back, not finding me.
Wind has the same old habit
The same old routine
But life has trampled me
Under direction-less feet
Of crowds in cities.

(Translated by Dr. Satyapal Anand)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: childhood ,dreams,fireflies,loneliness,love,memories,nostalgia,village
Jim Hogg 07 June 2009

I like this Naseer. The atmosphere and images are strong and convincing.

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Ritty Patnaik 24 June 2009

naseer....one feels nostalgic going back to the roots, and childhoodd memories remains in some corner in the heart.great poem!

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Magda Graf 04 November 2008

What a beautiful melancholic reminiscence of the childhood village.

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Sandra Fowler 07 November 2008

This one has hurt you into nostalgia which is both intense and sweet. But your childhood lives on in the landscapes of your mind. This poignant offering reminds me of the work of Menke Katz. Poetry should cross all barriers of race and culture. Longing is a universal emotion. Very touching, Naseer. Warm regards, Sandra

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Onelia Avelar 18 November 2008

It is an absorbing poem, you are a very good guide there: Where wind still finds Its way in moonlit nights Through silent streets And sleepy courtyards Calls for me in silence And turns back, not finding me.' Beautiful poem.

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John Oconnell 17 February 2010

this is the way it should have been for me. a poem that warms the cockles of my heart a truly gifted writer, john

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Sadiqullah Khan 12 December 2009

This is very nostalgic. The images are virtually real put in brilliant words as usual. I would like to read the original as translations are never a substitute of the original.work. See my poem 'Ek khazan raseeda drakht' which I was unable to translate into english properly.

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Matt Mooney 27 July 2009

My story and yours are not that different. Emotion and nostalgia beautifully expressed by you. I am going to put a new poem up called Landing Place. Have a look at it later.

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Patrick A. Martin 12 July 2009

Yes Nasir like the mountain is the village oh to hold it for a second would be like having it forever but alsas it is only for the dream time. A wonderful work is this.

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Saadat Tahir 29 June 2009

Wonderful nostalgic piece deep lovely a bit sad and melancholy…always montage is…. Reminds me of the return of innocence (ENIGMA) … and strangely of my childhood memories came flushing gushing back I could have written this poem..from my heart... any time.... but it is done penned too beautifully... a pleasure to read great poem cheers

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