A Song Before Victorious Enemy Poem by Naseer Ahmed Nasir

A Song Before Victorious Enemy

Rating: 4.3

Some flowers here are mine
Write these on the trees

Some dreams here are mine
Write these on the walls

Some songs here are mine
Write these on the swords

Some people here are mine
Write them also on the gallows.

(1985, Translated by Dr. Amjad Parvez)

Eyan Desir 24 March 2009

interestin fun to readin well said

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Tim Honeycutt 24 March 2009

simple poem and very good

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Sally Plumb 25 March 2009

Sharp! I think this one is good.

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%*-Young Song-*% 26 March 2009

That was very good. It sort of gave me chill bumps. I give you Kudos!

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Mitchell Glasbrenner 26 March 2009

thats is fary good? you can send it my my poehunter?

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Bob Eichen 30 June 2009

some thoughts now are mine write them on my tombstone great poem!

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a beautifuland meaningful poem and there on that sword the names of whom we love will be written on that trees our flower will grow... and in that sword which will defeat the enemy who try to scare our little ones, who try to kill our dreams with that sword we will give them what they brought...10++++

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Sherrie Tappenden 23 April 2009

Cuts very deep into the heart. To be asking with such gentleness. To entreat your enemies to leave some semblance of your life after defeat. This is an amazing poem. Sherrie

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Allemagne Roßmann 11 April 2009

From my Punjabi tashan- Jung-azaadi ki nishan is rangda Yeh mohabbatandi firaq, yeh jungez naam aur ilzaam hi sau rabdi mangda A very wonderful chant of triumphant self.A 10 from me.

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Fantastic! A true shout for the peace.Let's make of the flowers our weapons. Congratulations.

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