So Wrapped Up In Being Me! Poem by Tracey TEE

So Wrapped Up In Being Me!

Rating: 4.2

There's something in the air today
though I dont know what it is
Like something's about to happen
something Magical Perhaps!

The Sun refreshs and erases
the haunts of yesterday
Flowers like little Jewels
standing proud and gay

Every house I walk by
Smells of Sunday Roast
I see a couple sitting down
to Scrambled Eggs on Toast.

Couples in thier Gardens
reading the Sunday News
While sipping sweet hot coffee
and sharing all thier views

My Next Door Neighbour's
Hanging out her washing on the line
She's just come home from chapel
and tells me she feels fine!

What Magic fills the air today
is seeing People enjoy thier day
People who I don't normally see
Cos I am so wrapped up in being me.

Fiona Davidson 23 March 2009

Brilliant write Tracy...just how Sundays should be...spending time with yourself...Fi 10+++

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Deva De Silva 18 March 2009

Beautiful write I must say... it's a treat not to be wrapped up in oneself this particular day!

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Kevin Wells 16 March 2009

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in ourselves, it comes as a shock when we surface, see others around us, hear birdsong, smell the roses. And for a small time, realise we are a very small brush stroke within a huge masterpiece. You have captured one of those instances perfectly.

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Stephen Stirk 16 March 2009

Lovely poem Tracy. To me sundays are something really special. Unfortuantely, they don't last very long. I love your imagery about the sights and sounds of Sunday. Steve

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Daryl Young 16 March 2009

I enjoyed this poem as well. It was really a feel good poem. And really any writing that makes people pull emotion is half the point of writing. Thank you very much. Rabbit

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