Abandoned Orphan Poem by Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal

Abandoned Orphan

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Someone once told me they'd b there forever
But the days past by and forever was never
Theri face was a blur in the back of my mind
I knew how to handle this,
It happened all the time
I'd away the want
I'd hide away the need
To have someone close, i acted like it wuz a dream
But i knew deep inside, that this was my life
An abandoned orphan, who cut himself with a knife
A kid with a heart spread out in peices
People tried putin it together
But no one could heal my emotional diseases
But it was ok, because i believed! !
A family would want me
And turn into life my prayed out dream
But years went by and no one arrived
ANd i grew older, till i turned eighteen
I was offf on my own, with no one who cared
I didnt have many clothes and people would stare
All i ever wanted was to be loved, and to be kissed
I'm sorry for the dissapointment but my life doesnt get any better than this!

Shelbi Holzen 01 December 2009

i know how you once felt when you were an orphan, because i was one wonce too. we all wanted a home and someone to love and love us back. a roof over our heads and plenty to eat. But i promiss you, it didnt all 'just happen to happen' and none of what your going through is an accident or mistake. We people were created by one. God himself made us for him. He should be the one we all turn to follow. i dont know if you christian or not but i am and im just trying to help people. There is someone out their you will marry or be realy close to and that one person will be their to help, love, kiss, share, talk to, and most importantly listen. God did all this for a reason. and once i started thinking about it more and more, i adventualy understood why i was place on this earth. hope you do too. 10 infinity! ! -your good friend Shelbi Holzen

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