Let Me In Poem by Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal

Let Me In

Rating: 4.2

Things happen in our lives that maybe we will never understand
I see u walk around head facing down
And i wish i could somehow lend a hand
You look at me and your blue eye's, start to fill up with tears
Ya cant seem to forgive or forget after almost seven years
Let me in your broken heart
Allow me to put together some of the peices
Allow me to wipe even one tear away
Heal your emotional diseases
Your skin looks pale like you havent slept in weeks
I can see you try to smile
I can see you try ur best to dream
But because your daddy died just weeks after ur parents divorcing
Took longer than u thought feeling guilty and remorsing
You told me to never tell you everything was gonna b ok
But i'd see the look in your eyes and i wouldnt know wut else to say
I know i wuz ur best freind back then... but ur hearts like a rock letting nobody in
Afraid to loose me just like u lost him
But i had promised God willing i would always be by ur side
But my encouraging words were drownded by the tears that u cried
And it wuz u....who slowly died inside

To a close freind...who wuz just afraid to let anyone in to loose wut good he had left! !


That was TRULY a tear felt poem....I dnt evn know u or ur friend but I want to give them a hug....u really made me feel =) .... It really is a terrible thing when someone steps out their own body and is just emotionless I know because I've experienced it. Really nothing u can do but pray and wait. Best wishes DIMPLZ

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Shekhar Joshi 25 May 2009

ah... that's like so kind of u to heal others emotional disease and wipe tears. Not many can do this excellent poem

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Nangula Immanuel 20 May 2009

WoW! you made me cry. this was a really beautiful poem laylany! I have been on both ends and i can relate with what your friend is going through. Even though it seems like she doesn't want anyone to get close, she really just needs to know that you are there and that you love her. That she can take as long as she needs but you will still be there.God never leaves us and she should remember that! A very beautiful poem once again! ! N.N.

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James Mclain 18 May 2009

In our hurtness we some times lose our way to the door, , most have not the patience to wait for it, drama is queen, always..Im'told..iip..some times you need permission..from the heart..

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Ashraful Musaddeq 13 May 2009

Interesting and touchy,10+

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