Running Girl Poem by Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal

Running Girl

Rating: 4.5

Horrible past
Hoping for a good future
Tears in her eyes
Running to the preacher
Asking for advice in the end gaining none
Shes a fearful polar bear sitting in the sun
Trying to hurry and get on with life
She hates the attention, but loves to tell lies
Tries to make things better
But they only turn out worse
The role she's been playing
Plenty a' times rehearsed
Moot is her thinking
Testy is her soul
This running girl is running trying to find her fairy tale
And everyone is screaming
Wait look back at what you've missed
You've tried to zoom thru life not even pausing for a kiss
You're children are grown
You're husband in a nursing home
You all alone
Afraid to answer the telephone
Scared of love and afraid of being touched
Raped and abused in her past
Told she was worth to none
A running girl who never stop's to see who she has hurt
She never planned out her dreams
Always told she was dirt
Wrinkles in her face
Yet she still thinks she's twenty-one
Running girl stop running
Your shoes cant go on
You always wanted a mother
A father just to hold
A house she'd always stay in
No bags to pack and move
All she ever knew was how to run
She never looked away from her path
Never gazed up at the sun
Her children needed her but she struggled
to make it thru the day
Running girl slow down and listen to what your family has to say
Go see your husband and call your children too
Stop running, running girl
You cant afford another pair of shoes


hmmm... i like this poem also... keep writing, thanks +10

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Londiwe Buthelezi 20 April 2009

true.if you keep running you won't have time to live

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Reetessh Sabrr 01 May 2009

liberation seems to be a long run but yes how long is ur question well put foward

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Mona Martinez 25 April 2009

avoiding is always easy to do but, not facing what you need to face only causes more problems. it's okay to keep running, just know sooner or later. you always going to have face it.

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Serenity Prayer 21 April 2009

good job. i like it. and once again, i am truely sorry.

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Nangula Immanuel 21 April 2009

you are quite the poet! your poems are filled with so much rwa emotin, it touches the reader. WELL DONE! !

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sky dreams 20 April 2009

i like this one.. the way your wrote it made me read it really fast, like a whirlwind of thoughts going through someones mind, and then the last two lines made me sort of stop and bring it all together.. if that made any sense lol... great job on this one!

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