A Friend Poem by Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal

A Friend

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You wanna run away
but your trapped inside
Something so small a needle
couldnt hide
Theres no arms reaching
And no one to call
Your starting to feel so very small
You look up to the stars
And feel you wanna shine
Yet no one helps cuz to them you seem fine
You stand up in church
and raise up your hands
But inside you feel your sinking in sand
Though you wanna reach higher lands
In the mist of danger you stand
But when you thought everything
was coming to an end
You come to find a very beautiful FREIND
Someone who was alaways there from the start
But there was no water in the desert
to cleanse your heart
You gave up but you can start again
So you stand in the questions of now or when?
You pick the end why should you have to fite?
When your pain could end and you could sleep at night
You yell, thank you freind
Wait what's your name?
My name is jesus In you heart i am framed

Nangula Immanuel 21 April 2009

AMEN! ! Beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing

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Serenity Prayer 21 April 2009

wonderful job! thanks for writing it and putting it on here.

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Mona Martinez 23 April 2009

lovely poem. i loved the point you have made. good job.

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Jack Price 30 April 2009

DLG Good job and you give your reader hope in this rocky and ever changing world. Nice poem of inspiration and letting the reader know that they have Jesus.

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Emily Core 30 April 2009

we all need a friend but that man is no friend to me but good poem

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Indira Renganathan 04 August 2009

Your meditation on finding your friend while sinking feeling haunting you....welldone10

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Vp Ramesan 04 July 2009

A friend is fantastic in imagination. Are you crucified or resurrected?

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Jennifer Dorsey 21 June 2009

I like this one, I think we might have a lot in common.... or at least we write about the same types of issues! ! xoxoxo- Jen, Jennifer, or Just Me

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Winnie Angel 08 June 2009

simply true! .....have liked it.

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Kesav Easwaran 05 June 2009

'You stand up in church and raise up your hands But inside you feel your sinking in sand'... well said, Little Girl...your words portrait hypocrisy and reality on one single frame eloquently...10

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