Dear Friend Poem by Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal

Dear Friend

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I'm sorry if i hurt you
That wasnt my intention
I look into your dreamy eyes
seeking tru redemption
Haven't heard your voice
and if i do it's not towards me
You used to be my closest friend
You seem so far from me
Used to call me every nite
And we'd talk about our day
We'd laugh about the stupid things
I miss those happy days
I see you in the halls
And wish just one hug i'd recieve
And as you pass me by i dont feel that relief
That you have finally forgiven me
for the mistake that i have made
I should a' excepted your advice
i saw the concern in your face
Friend, dear friend, you mean so much to me
Wish we could be as close as we used to be
It's just real hard you know... for me to let u in
Come back please and let's be friends again! !

To all the friends who fall out...real friends stay together forever No Matter Wut! !

immortal Butterfly 03 May 2009

I agree with Jack and Anthony, you're very good. I wish in a weird way I could relate, You see I have never had many friends, and the little amount I did have I wasn't close to. But anyways I love it. :)

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Jack Price 30 April 2009

Very moving poem and also very truthful. A true friend is a cherished thing. Friends are precious, I hope that many will get something from the poem. Good job!

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Anthony Arias 29 April 2009

I like your poem. Its sincere and it breathes. Im going to keep something that I got from this piece. A. P.S. My name is Anthony.

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Mona Martinez 25 April 2009

loved the poem. it is true. true friends do stay together til the end no matter what.

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