Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal Poems

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Foolish Girl

I am a follish girl
So look past what you see
My dark brown eyes are drooped
I haven't gotten any sleep

A Friend

You wanna run away
but your trapped inside
Something so small a needle
couldnt hide

Who I Really Am! !

It's preety crazy how one brush of make up, can change the way people see you
How a curl in your hair, could make someone think you have the perfect life
How a smile could make other's imagine that everything is ok.......

My Story

I told you my story, my past which wasn’t great
I told you about the friend that died
And the abortion that took place
I told you about the men who molested me when young

Sorry For Not Remembering What You Did For Me! !

I wanna feel the nail go thru my hand
I wanna feel the thorns go through my skin
I wanna feel what you feel when i commit a sin
I wanna be mocked and spit on

Lonely State

In my lonely state, i forver stay
Isolated from the world and humanity
Broken spirit, crushed heart, depressed
and too many worlds apart

Running Girl

Horrible past
Hoping for a good future
Tears in her eyes
Running to the preacher

Dear Friend

I'm sorry if i hurt you
That wasnt my intention
I look into your dreamy eyes
seeking tru redemption

To See Her Cry

To see her cry,
makes me wanna have no heart
To see her cry,
my heart breaks apart

Let Me In

Things happen in our lives that maybe we will never understand
I see u walk around head facing down
And i wish i could somehow lend a hand
You look at me and your blue eye's, start to fill up with tears

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