Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal

Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal Poems

1. To See Her Cry 4/19/2009
2. Ready Too Give Up! 9/25/2009
3. Abandoned Orphan 10/2/2009
4. Silent Tears 10/2/2009
5. Just A Peice Of Paper 10/2/2009
6. Result Of Your Mistake 4/21/2009
7. Lonely State 4/22/2009
8. The Truth 10/2/2009
9. I Gota Keep Singing! 12/10/2009
10. I Find Something Special In You 1/13/2010
11. New Beginings! ! 1/13/2010
12. Shattered...Into A Vase 1/13/2010
13. Just A Girl 10/2/2009
14. I'Ll Make It Thru The Day 10/2/2009
15. Running Girl 4/14/2009
16. When Things Go Wrong! ! 4/19/2009
17. Let Me In 5/13/2009
18. A Kiss 5/25/2009
19. Dear Friend 4/22/2009
20. Sorry For Not Remembering What You Did For Me! ! 4/20/2009
21. My Story 6/9/2009
22. Foolish Girl 4/14/2009
23. Who I Really Am! ! 6/22/2009
24. A Friend 4/20/2009
Best Poem of Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal

A Friend

You wanna run away
but your trapped inside
Something so small a needle
couldnt hide
Theres no arms reaching
And no one to call
Your starting to feel so very small
You look up to the stars
And feel you wanna shine
Yet no one helps cuz to them you seem fine
You stand up in church
and raise up your hands
But inside you feel your sinking in sand
Though you wanna reach higher lands
In the mist of danger you stand
But when you thought everything
was coming to an end
You come to find a very beautiful FREIND
Someone who was alaways there from ...

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Running Girl

Horrible past
Hoping for a good future
Tears in her eyes
Running to the preacher
Asking for advice in the end gaining none
Shes a fearful polar bear sitting in the sun
Trying to hurry and get on with life
She hates the attention, but loves to tell lies
Tries to make things better

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