About You Poem by Linda I. Weischedel

About You

Rating: 4.0

I wonder what it's gonna be like to
see you,
I wonder how I will react,
I wonder what I will do,
now it's time for me to hold you,
and for you to hold me,
gee I wonder how it's gonna be?

Gosh I've waited so long for this,
as I waited, I have wanted and have
craved your kiss.

When the initial shock is over with,
I'll hold you around your hips,
I'll then look into your eyes,
then passionately I'll kiss your lips.

The love connection we have will not sever,
me loving you, shall last forever.

Shruti Modi 26 July 2008

awww...its such a cute and lovely poem....

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Roger Cornish 25 November 2007

Now thats my kinda POEM! well done! Roger.

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Kefentse Sathekge 06 November 2007

sense of longing in your poem makes one to rush to the next line. i love it.

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Sierra Monique 18 October 2007

adorable poem! So nicely written.

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Bobbie Jean Wright 04 September 2007

aww...there's a sweetness in this piece that wraps the reader up...as if they were in their lover's arms. An innocent forgiveness... A true enjoyment to read.: o) Bj

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