Abused Poem by wardha jawdat


Rating: 3.2

Sitting in a pool of insipid light
Wrought by convulsive sobs,
Trembling with the shock of the attack
She hugs herself tightly.
Shutting out the world, she grieves
The passing of purity.
Clothes hanging in shreds off her
Abused body, blood-weeping wounds
Testimonials of humanity’s orphan.
Thoughts take form in her addled mind
Questions, cruel questions, like daggers
They rip apart her soul anew;
Her insides tremble at the malevolently certain future
She knows this is just the beginning of
An abuse that will be hers
To live in, to die with, to be haunted by
She disgorges in a fit of bitter reflection
And supporting a dead weight on
Shaky arms
Head hanging low
She cries again.
…………………….“In this cruel, cruel society
The abused are sadly not allowed the sanctity of being victims but are treated rather as
Criminals…who seem to have somehow warranted
The misdemeanors that befall them.”

Tanya Stanford 31 August 2008

An unwanted journey to many woman have to take. It couldn't have been said better. Well done.

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Waqas Naeem 27 July 2008

This ia absolutely true and reflective of the inhuman society we live in, where it's always the innocents to be sacrificed and abused.... ' An abuse that will be hers To live in, to die with, to be haunted by Forever.' your poem is a moving account of our plight...

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Fay Slimm 26 September 2008

How sad that a piece like this needed to be written at all, but the truth is that it not only needed that but this should be read by many of those perpetrators of such hideous crimes, and made to be read aloud too. Such an honest write Wardha. Thank you.

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Existential Despair 22 September 2008

A sad truth floating on these wise words...very neatly executed i hope it lands on many hearts

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Reshma Ramesh 18 September 2008

very very neat wardha........i loved this one

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Ivor Hogg 14 September 2008

Unfortunately all too true She is now damaged goods open to contempt and suspicions she was at fault

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thus death becomes the most distinctive trait of her life...

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