...Love: ..The Entity... Poem by wardha jawdat

...Love: ..The Entity...

Rating: 3.2

im in love
with love

i love you
yet, not you,
but the love i have
for you;
my love,
i am in love with
the love i feel when
you float through my being
and envelop me;
im in love
with the love you evince
in me;
i love, not you, nor me
but what binds us...
yet sets our souls free
to experience the intoxicating ecstacy
of this wondrous love that be
above all, beyond all,
encompassing you and me.

was reading the posting of xoubiya jamali which was an excerpt from bhattais work i think...and just couldnt help myself...am not even sure if this makes any sense at all in print but it did when i was conjuring it in spirit...try it dear friends...let me know if it made sense to you.

Sarwar Chowdhury 08 November 2008

a different deep rooted love poem.......fine indeed! .....10+

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confusing but wonderful poem keep writing

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Anjali Sinha 12 February 2009

wow love love love in the air all i see is love -10 anjali (do read mine THOU MY VALENTINE)

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Dr.subhendu Kar 03 February 2009

i love, not you, nor me but what binds us.................wonderffully painted the art of love the reall enity that lucks in the room of exuberance yet divine, yet with symphony of oneness, yet luscios glow across the passion bestiring, wrought ingenious by imagery,10+++, thanks for sharing

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Kesav Easwaran 15 November 2008

the first and foremost person you love is yourself...all other loves, likings, affections- those varieties so to say- are only temporary, context and convenience demanding...no love can be defined definite as we find from this poem 10

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Reshma Ramesh 13 November 2008

yup.........totally...we all in love with love itself..well penned

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 12 November 2008

A sensible poem indeed......!

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