~~~~nettles In My Garden~~~~ Poem by wardha jawdat

~~~~nettles In My Garden~~~~

Rating: 3.5

I grow nettles in my garden
I hate flowers...
Theyre so pretty
Sweet, scented, natures lot
Mild, caressing and gentle
Everything LIFE is not

I grow nettles in my garden
I love their prickly truth
Their nature which epitomizes
Sadism, cruelty, unruth
Animosity, vindictiveness, callousness
Everything LIFE is, in nakedness

I grow nettles in my garden
I don’t play with fantasy
I don’t duck from reality
I don’t forray with romances
I don’t believe in taking chances

I grow nettles in my garden
To remember my old vulnerability
To remember that cutthroat treachery
To survive amidst the enemy
To be wary of your coming back to me.

Rinzu Susan Rajan 13 November 2008

hopeful words...love is worth the wait... a 10+++

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Kesav Easwaran 29 September 2008

a real time garden that must be...the mind...good meaningful write, Wardha...ten for your piece

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Ashraful Musaddeq 25 September 2008

Shukria Wardha. A lovely composition, I love the last stanza most.10++

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To survive amidst the enemy 'To be wary of your coming back to me' last line has taken it into another matrix.... I wish I’d grown nettles too I wish I too had nurtured truth Then breeding dreams I wish I had roots in terra firma

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Sadiqullah Khan 19 September 2008

Is life getting too prickly, , , here it is again not different from the fantasies of flowers, , , , well written,10

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