~ ‘sister Don'T Give Me Opiate I Want ~to Taste Death' ~ [drama In Real Life] Poem by MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI SPC. UK.

~ ‘sister Don'T Give Me Opiate I Want ~to Taste Death' ~ [drama In Real Life]

Rating: 3.9

[Drama in Real Life ~ In Memoriam of Rituporno Ghosh [1962-30.05.13]
[Note: From Drama in Real Life of a Lady Doctor of UK in her Terminal Illness ~ poetically framed ~ niv]

Final phenomenon
‘Sister don't
Give me opiate
Let me satiate
Final phenomenon! ' [A]

‘In lulling slumber
Let it not
Pass in haste
Want to taste
Final phenomenon.'

[Here ends Doctor's final utterance] [B]

Poetic conceptualization ~

Levitating light
Out of body
Merges with
Fulgent blazing
Oceans. [C]

Superconscious! ! ! [D]

Million Suns
Deluging blazes
Million oceans of
Reflecting shining in
Million mellowed billows. [E]

In uber celestial
Oceanic mansion
Refulgent biblioaudio
Bliss euphonic minstrel
Oozing fluxing
Dancing balleting.

Singing mellifluent
Ooohing Dr.! [F]

In only
Lambent corpus canto
Dr. finds her fond
Éclat fab Thee
‘Lucent Poetry'
Scintillating saying,
‘'Tis Final phenomenon
I'm yours! '[G]

Awed Dr.
Syncretizing with
‘That Thee! ' [H]

Is it niv's distillate
Of delirious
Poetic Apogee?

Glossary: With humility glossary given for what I tried to express.
[1] Fulgent: Shining intensely.
[2] Conflagration: Very intense and uncontrolled fire.
[3] Uber: Super, extreme or outstanding.
[4] Canto: The highest part [usually the melody] in a piece of choral music
[4] Scintillating: Marked by high spirits.
[5] Syncretizing: Become fused.
[6] Apogee: A final climactic stage.


Esoteric … mystical… qabalistic [Having a secret or hidden meaning] Poem Celestial feelings very nicely chiseled Out of body sensation worded exquisitely ‘…In only/Lambent corpus canto/Dr. finds her fond Éclat fab Thee/‘Lucent Poetry'/Scintillating saying, /‘'Tis Final phenomenon/ I'm yours! ...’ Oops what a vocab to carry readers to the heightened feeling Great work Thanks sharing

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Edmond J. Calleja 08 May 2012

Hi Ms Bagchi I read your poem and believe me it left somewhat speechless. It is not a happy-go-lucky one for sure! Coming from a doctor I can understand the sentiments behind it. If it was meant to create awe and shock I must admit that you have succeeded. Well done. I have myself recently written a poem dealing with cancer. I shall post for what it is worth and include it also here: Martyrs Of The Modern Era (With special thanks to Mr John A. Xuereb for the inspiration of these verses.) Cancer is a word, not a sentence. ~ John Diamond There are as many different deaths as there are people who walk around, for when you die you die alone and you depart without a sound. There are also cancer patients who go on living while they are dying, who go on dying while they are living as the Grim Reaper they keep defying. Some cancer patients frequent a club where they just stare as they are treated, it is a club none want to join where each newcomer is sombrely greeted. They trudge in corridors or waiting rooms where they talk and share their grief, where they feign that Life goes on always hoping in Death’s reprieve. Cancer patients live on chimo which is supposed to restore Life, while for others it's radiotherapy which can be deadlier than a knife. There’s death written on their faces and there’s fear in every heart, while they pray and go on hoping that from this world they won’t depart. So they have blood counts of their cells be it the red or be it the white, all want to live and none want to die they just want to prolong their fight. Most cancer patients lose their hair while many others shed their weight, as they look sadly in the mirror while the inevitable they await. Some cancer patients facing death sleep in hotels with palliative care, while there are others who lie awake for all this pain they cannot bear. Friends and relatives come and go offering solace and consolation, uttering words devoid of meaning as it’s their only alienation. For Life is precious and a gift from God that God has given and that God does take, where pain and suffering are also noble when they are offered for His sake. But cancer patients who trust in God then rise with Christ and not alone, they are the martyr of this era whom God embraces at His throne.

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Guess Who 24 April 2012

Very hard to understand well the truth is i couldn't really understand it......... you have a nice poetical writing extremely short sentences gives it the melody even though you don't use close rhyming words or expressions...... what i like in this poem is it's mystery or what i think is a mystery......... i wish you could explain your poem for i've read it several times but couldn't understand it............ Good Luck with your style of writing Guess Who

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Rekha Mandagere 26 April 2012

Beautiful vocabulary! nice read.

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Santosh Sharma 26 April 2012

Hi Niv, It is quite long, nice to hear from, This poem very deep thoght with wonderful depiction of the situation.

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Amitabha Bagchi 19 November 2012

======================================== ** ORIGINAL MESSAGE ******************** ======================================== From: Ali Hussain To: Nivedita [poet Under Threat Of Editorial Cann Date-Time: 11/19/2012 8: 33: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00) Subject: sister don't give me opita i want to test death ---------- THIS poem of yours i liked the most, i cannot say why i liked, but it is true poem, and its each line has a deep meaning in side, keep writing, … your loving friend ALI HUSSAIN (india) === Posted by courtesy of AB London as I'm blocked by PH [? ? ? Wise] n

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Antique Aphrodite 17 September 2012

this style of yours is exceptional.......amazing

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James T. Abel Adesitimi 04 August 2012

hmm. Nice poem.i like it

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Ramesh Rai 17 May 2012

Sister Niv. I feel myself to be very inferior to comment on your poems. but I can realise your poetic thoughts.You want to taste death, a great feeling. if i say, keep it up, i think it will not be a suitable word for you. but i like to inspire you to touch the supreme height of poetic feeling. great write, beautiful, xlent. poignant. my best wishes is always with you.

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Subodh Pandey 16 May 2012

a poignant and beautifully crafted write....

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