Adrienne Rich: A Ball Is For Throwing In Hindi/Urdu Translation

dekho, khilonoN ki dukan ki khiDki main
ek sundar ball rakha hua hai
chaand aur sooraj se bhi zyada gol-mol hai.
laal hai? neela hai? baiNgani hai?
sub kuch hai vo jo hamaari icHHa main hai,
lakin ye majood nahin.

majood nahin aur sundar? bilkul.

-to be translated

- -

See it, the beautiful ball

Poised in the toyshop window,

Rounder than sun or moon.

Is it red? is it blue? is it violet?

It is everything we desire,

And it does not exist at all.

Non-existent and beautiful? Quite.

In the rounding leap of our hands,

In the longing hush of air,

We know what that ball could be,

How its blues and reds could spin

To a headier violet.

Beautiful in the mind,

Like a word we are waiting to hear,

That ball is construed, but lives

Only in flash of flight,

From the instant of release

To the catch in another's hand.

And the toy withheld is a token

Of all who refrain from play-

The shopkeepers, the collectors

Like Queen Victoria,

in whose adorable doll's house

Nothing was ever broken.

- Adrienne Rich

Thursday, May 28, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: life