Afraid? Poem by Tribhawan Kaul


Rating: 4.0

Air journey commences with bonhomie
Chatting, talking, surfing, eating
Check-in brings smiles
Boarding cards, glee
Security checks wrinkles the faces
Food courts presses these free
Anticipation gives way to curiosity
A child seeking answer to a query
Why, how, what, where, who? ? ? ? ?
Papa’s mind gropes for answers
Mama indulges in shopping spree
Shuttle bridges the gap
Between hope and realty
Boarding the craft in luxury
Settling down with great warmth
Hostess’s smile soothing the nerves
Quietness envelopes everyone
Captain’s words cautions
To take precautions
An eric silence follows
Taking off and landing
Feels like mourning
In a crematorium
Why so? I wonder!
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All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

Bernard Snyder 08 September 2014

Enjoyed this intriguing 'piece'. Thanks for sharing!

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Marvin Brato 02 October 2013

Good narration, an interesting story poem!

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Adheez Van Der Beanthz 13 August 2013

good imagery, you capture it very detail good poem

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Heather Wilkins 06 August 2013

a nice description on a perfect flight to landing, An enjoyable read.

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Valsa George 06 August 2013

The excitement and anxiety of an air travel! No matter how often one travels, take off and landing are a bit scary! Enjoyed this flight from the preliminary formalities of boarding a plane to the final halting! !

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Tribhawan Kaul

Tribhawan Kaul

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