Alexi Poem by Laquory Jones


Sometimes I just sit here listening to the howling
Of the wind thinking about how it all began
While the campfire lights up my face I slowly
Feel the heat while thinking about my fallen
Friend of the past it just seem like
Yesterday we would look at each other and
Just laugh now those days has passed I just
Try to put to grasp every precious little
Moment that are considered rare and golden
We were like legions of war with not a care
In the world until innocent lives were stolen
There's a certain feeling you get
When you know something isn't right

Everything changed that night everything
Just vanished right there in sight it was our
Lives first plight as death was in our midst making
Its list I would get truly transfixed memories
Keeps me up so late at night I can feel it
Creep inside my room feeling that impending
Doom sending chills up my spine if only I
Could rewind the hands of time it makes my
Heart skip a beat as pure sweat engulfs me
With its surrounding heat I never knew this
Would happen to me it's just the Killer Death's
Strategies causing constant tragedies

I hate this feeling of devastating fate I can
Still see Alexi's face staring at me while
We were at work she was a pleasant soul
She had a kid about two years old I won't
Forget that day I came into work very late
Just to hear them say she passed two days
Prior alcohol poisoning was the cause and
The situation is dire so many things I began
To regret I didn't get to tell her how much
I truly cared if only I could have been
There maybe then her life would have been
Spared words blowing against thin air I just
Thought I would share these burdens
That I bear sometimes I take life for granted
Why do people die I don't understand this at
Times I get sick to my stomach to the point
I want to vomit when things hits me like a
Comet but I can only now be her voice be
Everything she had stood for and more.


Sunday, February 21, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: death,death of a friend,feelings,friendship,heartache,life,life and death,love,love and friendship,love and life
Alexi was a vibrant and lovely person. She died two days after I saw her she smiled at me. She never would talk much but she was just enjoying life. She was only 16 when she passed she had a young child. I was blessed to know her even if it was only a moment. People will always come and go throughout your lives but the memories lasts forever. Thank you Alexi You'll never be forgotten.
Edward Kofi Louis 03 April 2018

Life and death! ! Death of a friend. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Sister Frances 12 January 2017

A well written Narrative style poem. Her story kept alive. Your ending making us look at ourselves, acknowledging that you don't know why things happen and that we often take life for granted.

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