Almight Poem by Phinda Mkhonta


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God you know my heart and mind,
You know my sitting and standing.
You know my words before speaking,
You place your hands on my head to pour your blessing.
God it is potent to know you are God, too great for me to
Conceive such knowledge.

How can one try to escape your spirit?
God, no one can escape to your presence nor run away.
Even in darkness I cannot veil from you Omnipresent,
Even the philosophers can not lecture you Omniscient,
Even the kings cannot give convention to you Omnipotent.
You are the God, who made the world and all in it,
Human power can’t serve your needs, for you have no needs,
You donate life to every living thing on earth.

You made inner parts of my body and knit them together
In my mother’s womb, I was woven together in darkness of the womb,
For you to be first to know me, for dark and light are alike to you.
You saw me before I was born to wean me for my purpose of life,
How precious are your thoughts about me? Are they innumerable?
You have made me such a higher complex of nature,
The things you have done God are outnumbered as ocean soil grains.

God spirits chart my part and tell me where to stop and rest,
God shouldn’t I hate those who blasphemy you?
God shouldn’t I despite those who neglect you?
God test me and know my true thought, chart out in me
What offends you and lead me to everlasting shoal of love.

Alancia Lebogang Mogorosi 21 September 2007

Oh yes god is the almighty. i love it

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