Forbidden Poem by Jazlle D. H. **contentment is the key to happiness


Rating: 4.9

In your eyes
I can see the questions
asking me why it has to end

In your eyes
I can feel the pain
telling me what have I done

In your eyes
I can see the sadness
that your heart tries to hide

In your eyes
I can't say I'll stay
and find that it was a lie

In your eyes
I can't look straight
when I say goodbye

In your eyes
I turn and walk away
Tears roll down your face
I don't want to look back
So you see the tears in my eyes...

21st April 2008

Tia Maria 29 June 2008

sob... I know how you feel! That was a lovely... sad... but lovely piece X

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James B. Earley 06 July 2008

A passionate denied!

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Robert Howard 09 July 2008

Beautifully written, Though on the surface the subject seems to be romantic love, I think it applies to partings of every kind. I think all of us have had occasions where movement in different directions to the good.

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Mohammad Al-kurdi 09 July 2008

i can see a repetition to reach a perfection......great

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Jerry Abrahamson 09 July 2008

Lovely piece. Very sad.

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Eyan Desir 05 November 2009

Nice flow cute poem

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Ted M 28 June 2009

Your Poem very much affects the reader. Parting is such sweet sorrow; Nobody likes to part from sum 1 close. Great write from the heart 10+++

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C.R. Clark 04 January 2009

A very fine poem indeed. The eyes are very expressive of our emotions. You have used that imagery very proficiently. This is a touching poem written from the heart. Thanks. A 10.. Richard

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Jerry Hughes 01 January 2009

.......................................questionably well written

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Dee Daffodil 01 January 2009

This one hits close to home. Very well written. Hugs, Dee

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