Always On My Mind Poem by Jessica Elizondo

Always On My Mind

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I had a dream last night about you. In the dream you loved me and you

cared. you would look into my eyes and i never wanted to wake up,

because in reality she has your heart, not me. But when I awoke, i

awoke thinking of only you babe. you love her, but I'll never stop loving

you. I then go all day day dreaming of your smile and remember when

you use to smile at me and it would fill my heart with happiness, i was

so stupid to have let you go, what was i thinking? ! ? ! I continue to day

dream about how great it would be to feel your loving arms around me

and say 'I love you' when i look up at your smiling face again. And how I

only want you to love me how i so passionatly love your. My heart

aches for you and your wonderful love, and everytime you make me

feel invisible it breaks a little more. but i dont mind because, I love you.

your always on my mind. And my heart tears and rips a little more each

time you look at me and smile, and i smile back screamin in my head 'i

love you so much' and silent tears flood my face and I quicky turn away

so you won't see them. I love you, but you don't see it. I told you I loved

you, but it's like your deaf. I want so badly to hold me in your arms. But

even though you don't feel the same, babe your always on my mind.

Serenity Prayer 10 August 2008

very sweet. great job.

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Jessica Grosser 18 August 2009

oh my god. i feel that absolute same exact way about a guy right now.

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Amanda Wixom 21 September 2008

I felt the same way about someone... But hes gone out of my life but ill always love him too... all in all that was a very descriptive poem i liked it very much.

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Anna jonson 23 August 2008

waaaaaw very beautiful... love always seems to be more beautiful in dreams than reality

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Blue Eyes 22 August 2008

it is surely a long poem but it is worth reading.i loved it

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Dr.subhendu Kar 13 August 2008

yet love flows betiding looking to the moon heart when hurtful by the shadow tears still gleans piecing the eloquent still bleeds by the clouds, yet luscious green in the mango grove, well penned,10.+, thanks for sharing

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