‘amnesia’ [2]…. Poem by Dr. Sakti P. Chakravorty

‘amnesia’ [2]….

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‘AMNESIA’ [2]….

Memory: -
You’re –
# grey,
# greasy,
# labile,
# lithe,
# volatile.
You’re –
# Sulky,
# Make soul –
# So cruel –
why rob fuel?
Want to be -
oblivious of you.

Leave me-alone,
You go:
To bottom of pacific
In the center of
Black Hole.

Me, swim in void tunnel of –
Space-Ocean of Amnesia for: -
Formlessness, Fromless-ness,
Experiencing—total cipher,
no sorrow, no joy, no pain,
no euphoria, utopia,
no bondage no salvation.

O’ Memory -
Go into coma,
Deep coma.
Never ‘come-alive’ in me
I salute you: -
Au revoir!

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r khan 14 June 2009

I like the idea of leave me alone, and not only that but go to the bottom of the Pacific. You want the memory to go but also the person, there's sadness in there but also a sort of bitter humour, there's a little bite to it. :)

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Shashendra Amalshan 05 July 2009

oh! ! ! ! i wana forget so many things.. i mean even if the memories are sweet, even they finish it with some bitterness.. this is a nice one indeed! ! ! ! , sort of an amusing read.....10 with love shan

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Saowaros Tewan 10 July 2009

haha a good way to manage with bad memory

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Joseph Poewhit 27 July 2009

Words express that lost touch of feelings

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Catrina Heart 27 July 2009

Your style and structure of poetry is quite unique...though nice rhymes and fine diction as well...truly an esspeecee...Thanks! ! !

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Rajaram Ramachandran 31 October 2009

Amresia is seen here from another angle in a short and firm manner.

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it is sad when one want desperately to remember love, and past life and can't. this seems real.

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Tai Chi Italy 23 September 2009

I am really enjoying these perspectives on Amnesia, this one made me want to challenge our minds authority to dictate our memories. I have been taught that it is within our own capabilities to direct our mind towards more positive thoughts, when those we want to escape from, seem to dominate our existence. We have to let them in and then allow them to sail through and away, clearing the path to allow our minds own strength to take us where we really want to be going. It takes practice and then becomes natural, so that, no matter what the situation you find yourself in, you can think your way through it and out of harms way, if that is the case of course. I believe we create our own futures by the thoughts we think in the now! That is why it is essential to break the chains that our minds try to bind us to misery in. I often astound myself at how easily I forget bad things in my life, but we have to, or life would be unbearable, there are many many more good things to consider. Smiling at you Tai

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Katang Chakravorty 19 September 2009

Is Memory the legal lethal luggage? Readers’ reaction please.. Let us be illegal to enjoy Amnesia. Wow! Ten+++ WR

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Aparna Sinha 16 September 2009

wow! ! BBYE memory (ha ha ha) there is this hindi word for captivating text 'dhara-pravh'(if there is English word for it I dont remember it now!) Never seen Amnesia this way! lovely poem once again...

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