Among All Lovely Things My Love Had Been Poem by William Wordsworth

Among All Lovely Things My Love Had Been

Rating: 2.8

AMONG all lovely things my Love had been;
Had noted well the stars, all flowers that grew
About her home; but she had never seen
A glow-worm, never one, and this I knew.

While riding near her home one stormy night
A single glow-worm did I chance to espy;
I gave a fervent welcome to the sight,
And from my horse I leapt; great joy had I.

Upon a leaf the glow-worm did I lay,
To bear it with me through the stormy night:
And, as before, it shone without dismay;
Albeit putting forth a fainter light.

When to the dwelling of my Love I came,
I went into the orchard quietly;
And left the glow-worm, blessing it by name,
Laid safely by itself, beneath a tree.

The whole next day, I hoped, and hoped with fear;
At night the glow-worm shone beneath the tree;
I led my Lucy to the spot, 'Look here,'
Oh! joy it was for her, and joy for me!

Walterrean Salley 20 November 2016

Among All Lovely Things My Love Had Been - Poem by William Wordsworth.) Very pleasant and entertaining to read; but a 'glow worm on a leaf? ' Lol.

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Kaung htet kyaw 14 January 2018

Good health

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Ramesh T A 10 January 2019

Every thing in Nature is a favourite matter for Wordsworth whether it is Star or flower or even glow worm in the storm and his concern for its safety is most important! What a lover of Nature par excellence forever!

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Bernard F. Asuncion 10 January 2019

A lovely poem by William Wordsworth............

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Dr. antony theodore 10 January 2019

The great Wordsworth. how many poems did we study at the university . great men of all times.

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Prabir Gayen 11 January 2019

My dear poet my heart's joy...

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Laurie van der Hart 10 January 2019

I hadn’t seen this one before. Just love the cekebration and enjoyment of such a simple thing in nature, and the importance of sharing. My kind of poem!

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Edward Kofi Louis 10 January 2019

About her home! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 10 January 2019

Excellent love song depicting joy achieved through fulfilling cherished wish of the beloved. A great poem.

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Adrian Flett 10 January 2019

A love poem by the great poet, so tenderly told.

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