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An Ancient River Pier - Translation Poem Of Anh Thơ: BếN Đò NgàY Xưa

Rating: 3.5

Tattered water-soaked bamboo trees crowd a river bank
By the up-stream of a boat pier, banana trees stand exhausted under heavy rain.
Drenched by rain water, the river flows at an increased speed
A deserted moored boat is left behind in loneliness at the pier.

On this deserted pier, which is drowned in cold air
Several shops stand lonely sad, without any customer.
A driver of a sail boat stops by to smoke a water pipe
A merchant woman coughs unceasingly, being choked by the smoke.

On a country road, rarely a person walks to the market
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Friday, May 5, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: landscape ,rain
Bharati Nayak 05 May 2017

On a country road, rarely a person walks to the market Someone's head basket appears to carry the whole rainy sky. Rarely, a boat stops by to carry a load Then, once again, the pier sinks into silence under the rain. - - - - - - - The lonely melancholy scenery at the river bank on a rainy day is so vivid, Thanks for sharing a beautiful poem.

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Nhien Nguyen 05 May 2017

I am glad that you enjoyed reading this poem. I appreciate your comments. Nhien

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