An Early Night Poem by Mary Spain

An Early Night

Rating: 5.0

He said he'd ring as soon as he returned.
At nine, indulgent of her eagerness,
She settled down with joy to wait and turned
Her chair to face the 'phone. At ten the stress
Of waiting prompted her to make some tea;
Eleven found her mind in disarray
Imagining some dire calamity
Or accident encountered on his way.
At half-past twelve... should she dial 999?
At one she went to bed. He rang next day:
'Darling, I'm sorry; everything is fine,
But Eric's wife was ill, I had to stay.':
Fondly he said, 'I knew you'd be all right.'
'Of course, ' she lied, 'I had an early night.'

Paul Hansford 01 July 2008

Not the most profound of sonnets, but very workmanlike, and a real change to have this form with a gently humorous touch. The rhymes are very natural, and a good rhythm too. Well done.

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Paul Hamer 15 July 2008

Mary Mary meat me in Spain i shall arrive like a knight in the night: all man with no name, then, on the breath of a whisper i shall drive you insane

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Ashraful Musaddeq 08 September 2008

An interesting piece.10 for it.

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Sarwar Chowdhury 17 September 2008

...a fine expression indeed.........10

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 07 October 2008

He should have said ' how to payback? yesterday you had an early night, but i swear, tomorrow will be from dusk to dawn...............'

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Edmund Calleja 14 December 2010

Beautiful. So down to Earth.

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Jennifer K 06 July 2010

absolutely beautiful. Youre writing is a thrill to read. Lovely, sad, and profound to teh human psyche. Great work

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Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee 11 February 2010

Beautifully presented the crisis. Psychological depth is mingled with poetic experience..beautiful poem and enjoyable reading.

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Rachel Butler 04 November 2009

'Imagining some dire calamity' Rachel Ann Butler

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Patrick A. Martin 18 September 2009

And so the deception goes on but who is decieved him or her? ? ? good poem I like it a lot. Earthy stuff.

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