A Deaf Musician Poem by Mary Spain

A Deaf Musician

Rating: 4.5

As though a deaf musician, I am part
Of some great orchestra I cannot hear.
The only notes that fall upon my ear
Are those which rise unbidden from the heart
And offer teasing glimpses of the art
Of harmony. Yet have I heard, in clear,
Still moments of perception, what appear
As distant drum-beats; pulses that impart
A rhythm to the cosmic melody.
Then, with a quick'ning joy, I see that I
Am moving to creation's symphony.
As birds that wheel and dart across the sky
To secret music, so it seems that we
Can sometimes see the patterns as we fly.

Cassandra Jasmine 17 September 2013

Indeed, this poem reminds me of one of the greatest musicians that ever lived: Ludwig van Beethoven. Heartfelt, descriptive, and beautiful; a poem that deserves a ten! .

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Unwritten Soul 16 September 2012

Very pleasant to hear that, anyway Beethoven in his last life had hearing problem but still able to create a masterpiece work, if we know how our love on work is...a pure interest i mean we still capable to make it works well...just a true determination will determine the quality of our result_Soul

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Liliana ~el 16 September 2013

Pinpointed. Part something larger. Knowing. This is empowerment

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D H 28 September 2012

Nice structure, and tone to describe the surroundings and sounds that are thought to be heard by the deaf narrator.

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Francisca Darko 16 September 2012

absolutely creative!

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Liza Sudina 08 August 2016

Mary, a perfectly-rhymed poem about tthe mystery and miracle of inner hearing of cosmic energies!

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Chinedu Dike 05 June 2015

A well articulated piece of poetry, nicely encapsulated and subtly penned with insight. A lovely poem indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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Michelle Claus 16 September 2014

Lovely form Taps into that sparkling mystical realm in which Rumi whirled and whirled. Thank you for this beautiful poem.

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Viti Kumaar 16 September 2014

Is this a tribute to Beethoven? Awesome poem!

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Kay Staley 16 September 2014

Not that great. The rhyme scheme is distracting and takes away from what the poem is supposed to be about....whatever that is...I couldnt quite grasp it myself. Its to formal, not enough emotion; lackadaisical and full of undeveloped whims. I did not enjoy it.

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