Verbosity Poem by Mary Spain


Rating: 4.7

Were I allowed a single word each day
Perhaps I'd value it. I'd give it thought
And speak it slowly, as a child is taught
To do. And then, who knows, each word might say
Precisely what it means. instead, I play
With words, use twice as many as I ought
And get intoxicated by the sport
Of badinage. How proudly I display
What I term 'my vocabulary'.. Yet
A word cannot be owned. It is absurd
To cast around and catch them in my net,
And use them carelessly so sense is blurred.
In search of high-flown phrases I forget
Creation started with a single word.

Tom Billsborough 08 August 2016

Yes, I really like this poem. A lesson for us all! often a poem itself is created from a single word but can get swamped. This is a most thoughtful poem and certainly worthy of poem of the day. In fact I might as well put it on my favourite poems' list! Tom Billsborough

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Mary Spain 08 August 2016

I am touched by your comments - thank you so much.

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Kim Barney 08 August 2016

Wonderful poem about how we choose to use our words. Well written and excellent choice for poem of the day!

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Mary Spain 08 August 2016

So good to know that you enjoyed it - thank you!

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Edward Kofi Louis 08 August 2016

A word cannot be owned! Thanks for sharing.

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Bryan Sefton 09 July 2020

Sometimes you read a poem you wish that you had written. This is mine. Well, I wish it was

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Butch Decatoria 18 August 2018

Profoundly true, love this.

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Kim Barney 08 August 2018

A beautiful sonnet, Mary, and a good choice by Poem Hunter as Member Poem of the Day! Congratulations!

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Bipasha D 08 August 2018

In search of high-flown phrases I forget Creation started with a single word. This is profound. Heartiest congratulations to you.

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Akhtar Jawad 08 August 2018

Congrats Mary Spain! A well desrved selection as members' poem.

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