An Illusion! Poem by Kavya .

An Illusion!

Rating: 2.5

I entered the room that was full
Filled with people mourning
There lay a dead body clad in white cloth
She was none other than my close mate
I struggled to get inside that room
The room that was full
Filled with people mourning

As I entered something got stuck on my foot
And I dragged it along with me
To my horror, what was stuck was the white cloth
What I was dragging was the dead body
To my despair, the whole crowd started looking at me
I slowly lifted my leg and stood at one corner
of the room that was filled with people mourning

All of a sudden, the body stood up and started smiling
Said, why are you all mourning
I am alright, Why have you all gathered here
Please go away, let me sleep
I am tired, I need some rest.
Soon the crowd started dispersing
From the room that was filled with people mourning

There I heard a loud noise like a bell
I turn and rise up in scare to see if all is well
To realise that it was none other than my morning alarm
Waking me up saying, 'Get up, now its dawn'
Oh my God, what a horrible dream i had
Thinking of the close mate I felt very sad
As in reality, yes, she's struggling for life, though today she is very much alive!

I just prayed 'May God grant her many more years to survive a normal healthy life'.

shes battling from cancer and is fighting for life. I recently paid her a visit in the hospital and from then she's stayed in the back of the mind, may be why I got this dream.
Geetha Jayakumar 28 August 2013

Kavya beautiful write indeed... Well I faced the same situations couple of years back..she was one of my best friends during school to college days.. But couldnt meet once also after college got over..we got busy with our lives. She was lively..I came to know of her too late..The last she spoke to my others friends was she wanted to meet me..Everyday she was in my dreams, its really unfortunate i am that I couldnt meet.. Everday I could see her in my dreams, but after one day she never ever appeared...Today I regret that I couldnt meet her...but my other friends said she was under sedation and she was full time sleeping...and remained skeleton...thinking this i feel that she was the same beautiful girl in my mind is better... I will only tell meet your friend whenever possible and give her enough confidence, believe me it can give wonders...when she is surrounded by positive thoughts, she will definitely cross this challenge with full confidence and today there is treatment too...our prayers for her speedy recovery...

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Kavya . 29 August 2013

I thank you all for your views and prayers for my friend

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Aswath Raman 29 August 2013

Yes. I read this poem a couple of times and I felt really weird. I have had the same dream but instead of friend, it was my mom. But of course though in reality, with God's grace she is healthy and happy, that night I was wide awake!

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Nasarudheen Parameswaran 31 August 2013

Such psychic disturbances may be projected as dream by mind.Good narration...

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Valsa George 28 August 2013

When our mind gets obsessed with mounting concerns about the illness of a dear one, it is so possible to have such alarming nightmares! But what relief it is to know that after all it was just a dream! ! A realistic description of a fevered mental state, Kavya! !

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V P Mahur 16 February 2014

Awful dreams often disturb our heart even after they are broke. Heart touching!

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Heather Wilkins 07 October 2013

this is a very different write. sounds like a nightmare. very touching

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Yasmin Khan 15 September 2013

A writing full of compassion with ray of hope

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Rituparna Sen 09 September 2013

I'm touched! That's all I can say

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 06 September 2013

Thinking of friend in such a condition, friend appears in dream. May a miracle cure her of the problem.

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