Analogies Of Women And Cars Poem by Ted Sheridan

Analogies Of Women And Cars

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When a car is good, you know it
and you don’t need to pop the hood
or kick the tires to see reality. You don’t
have to scratch and sniff it or touch and feel it
to tell yourself the desire you hold within…
All you need do is enjoy it; for as long
as it last. And when the outer beauty fades and the
upholstery ages; remember the days when the engine purred
like a kitten in your two hands and how your heart raced
when she made you the proud owner of her love …

2008 © T Sheridan


Ted, this is divinely beautiful, as well as wise: and I am grateful. Just cos I love Ez doesn't mean i don't love you too. :) t x

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Thanos Glts 02 August 2010

i think the whole analogy thing is way off, when my car gets old i buy a new one, but i get a feeling that thats not what you aimed for

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Bonnie Collins 20 August 2008

I rather enjoyed this being a motor head for a girl, and it was so true, as men especially are/was so very very attached with pride over their cars and competitive of others.. Woman today have really learned the love of thier cars as well, and it is very sweetly worded and with a tad of Nastrolgia........ Very interesting therory of your perception of man vs auto......... Bonnie

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MCKENZi : ] 11 February 2008

nice analogy. different; makes sense.: ]

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Ben Gieske 11 February 2008

The last line is worth remembering and cherishing. Very nicely done. Next time I hope you pick a tree.

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Joseph Daly 09 February 2008

Double entendes, excellent writing Ted. So finely crafted with such a wonderful use of language.

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