Ancestral Property - The Curse Of The Human Society Poem by Raja Basu

Ancestral Property - The Curse Of The Human Society

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It is you who turns a happy family into a stinking gutter
By creating an irreparable rift among brothers.

It is you, who turns siblings into warring enemies
It is you, who robs a home of all its happiness and peace.

It is you who causes the disgraceful scenario where a man consults his lawyer
About how to proceed in the case he is fighting against his own sister or brother.

It is for you that a person can not even talk to his beloved cousin sister, even when they meet face to face
As their fathers are fighting legal battles, thus turning the sweet relationship between two cousins into a mess.

When a person leaves behind you for his children, he is satisfied that he has done something for his descendents
In reality what he does is presenting them with a box full of never ending problems.

Sorry to say, but we would definitely have had a far better society
If we did not have you as a curse. Got it, Mr. Ancestral Property?

Raj Nandy 13 February 2009

How very true! The Times of India is full of such stories! The latest being the Hauz Khas property of Ms Lotika Sarkar wife of late Chanchal Sarkar! The world gives one enough to meet one's need, but it can never give enough to cater for ones greed! ! I think Gandhiji has said this.10! -Raj Nandy

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Sathyanarayana M V S 08 February 2009

Sir, You have raised a very important issue in this poem all people should consider. I saw and heard of dozens of cases where brother vs brother, sister vs sister, father vs children of all combinations fights, litigations went on and even finally consumed precisious lives. Thanks for this piece.

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Ronald Stroman 12 February 2008

well done...........................

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