' And See, Bear Is - Like That Man ' Poem by Ency Bearis

' And See, Bear Is - Like That Man '

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And the bear said -
I am maybe a bear
Imagine that giant beast
No, not that varmint you think of
I am the gentle bear
I am from the jungle -
That dense thicket place
but the jungle with wonderful
and beautiful people
The jungle with intricate code
of conduct and protocols
to preserve life and health
implemented by high intellects
to where I belong
As I am one of them who
take care of those sick
or not sick people that needs
Oh, they look at me too like an
angel with healing touch
and with the sun that beams
light of hope
I am the beast that exist
in this world with compassion
Yes, it is in my heart
Yes, it is in my conscience
For I value morality
with fear to God
and I follow the divine guidance
As it is always in my mind
to respect every human being
disregarding the age
the color or creed
Who I am?
Just the thought of it
and see, bear is
a human being as I am
A simple man
with heart and soul
Ency Bearis
as they call me
I am intended to be like that
I stand for it

Ency Bearis
(c) Copyright 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: poetry
Henry Thiong, O 21 October 2012

This is a very beautiful poem. Cheers!

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Aung Si 21 October 2012

I am the beast with the best For the best is inside of me In my heart - Wonderful style and interesting idea! Congrats.

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 18 October 2012

Ency, Bear is in the jungle of poetry! the scenes are spreading in front of me, when the protocols of jungles are overruled... Nice!

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Karen Sinclair 17 October 2012

a great piece which i think and hope i understand...... an honest breakdown of the similarities and needs of most... i love..The jungle with intricate code....of conduct and protocols.... human jungle...wonderful expression...tyvm karen

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