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And The Room Was Filled With Hats

Rating: 4.7

Old hats new hats,
short hats, tall hats,
red hats blue hats,
big hats, small hats.

Hats on sticks,
hats on chairs,
hats and music everywhere.

And the little ones dusted

the hats on the chairs,
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Ashley S 25 March 2008

This is quite melodic in it's brilliant tone. I happen to be hat envious, I look horrid in a hat. This is a lovely piece here Allison. Enjoyed it! Ashley xo

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Andrew Blakemore 22 March 2008

A very amusing and cleverly constructed poem Alison. Well done. Andrew

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Nimal Dunuhinga 20 March 2008

Oh! What a marvelous poem Alison? These hats are fit to everybody's head.One of your very best.

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Sandra Fowler 20 March 2008

The hats have it, I believe. Your joy in life is contagious. The last stanza is the best stanza. Dance on, Alison. Love, Sandra

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Original Unknown Girl 19 March 2008

Fabulous poem Allie - love the imagery of all the hats. I see a sort of Sally Bowles character in view and you doing a dance.... love the introspective part at the end. Just divine! HG: -) xx

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I agree with Coach... this is delightfully reminicent of Seuss - not just for it's bouncy rhymes and carefree flow, but too for the uplifting message embedded within. I'm a big fan of Mr. Geisel and hold that it requires a good deal of intelligence and talent to do what he did as well as he did. That you've been able to pen this, of like caliber, is to be applauded. This is a treat! Hurray for you! Christine

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Onelia Avelar 16 May 2008

I enjoy your joyful poems very much. It is my first time i read you - quite interesting jorney. I carry on

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David Desantis 15 May 2008

hahah this is awesome...it just goes and goes, i feel like im dancing as i read it, but like a steady upbeat dance...sweet poem alison, i'm always inspired after i read your stuff. -david

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Ivor Hogg 03 May 2008

I enjoyed this mad hatter romp immensely Allison Aquestion for you I beleive there is a Horrid hat shop located in very big city which specialises in creating peculiar hats for old ladies.Have you ever noticed no two old ladies wear the same hat. Fantastic colours and textures which are never seen on sale in normal shops. Do you know its whereeabouts.?

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Dr.subhendu Kar 26 March 2008

the hue of hats when floating by the vale of rune, as it flows by the ingenuity, i do admire, well penned, thanks for sharing

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