Another Man's Sin Can Do You In Poem by Tex T Sarnie

Another Man's Sin Can Do You In

Moving in the shadows on a moon lit night
a man stalked another and kept out of sight.
A grudge had to be settled by this cowardly pursuer
he wanted sweet revenge from this evil wrong doer.

The opportunity was right, and he leapt from the dark
with an almighty thrust, his knife went straight to the heart.
The victim lay motionless, as blood oozed onto the ground.
His attacker kicked him hard, so no life could be found.

The murderer looked all around to check no one had seen,
then vanished into the shadows, as before the death scene.
The very next day the slayer boasted to a so-called friend
of how he stalked and killed a man, to get his revenge.

Loose talk soon found its way to the dead man's brother.
Now this could only be settled by the death of another.
The murderer found out that he was being hunted down,
so arranged an ambush at a hairdressers in town.

The dead man's brother was told the murderer would be there,
as usual watching the hairdresser trim his wife's hair.
At 14: 30hrs the brother saw the murderer and entered the salon,
he shut the door quietly and snapped the locks on.

The murderer did not see him from the far end of the room,
but his death by knife would surely be all over soon.
However, the murderer then saw the brother and grinned at him,
and said, "Ah, I see you've come prepared, then shall we begin? "

The brother got closer and lunged forward at him with his knife,
but then he got stabbed, with a blade by the murderer's wife.
Coughing blood he fell to the ground and asked the woman why?
"Because your brother raped me and deserved to die."

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