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Argument Resolved

I was a feisty fisted lad
who'd fight at the dropp of a hat.
With something to prove I'd blazon on
regardless of this, or that.

My tempered sword was always drawn
more often than my pen.
With something to prove I'd blazon on
not caring for why, or when.

Late in the day I sheathed my sword
to pick up my unused pen.
With nothing to prove I must concede
it's easier now, than then.

Elysabeth Faslund 12 July 2007

You wisely found out the old adage was true to the core. The hand holding the pen is mighty, indeed. But that Bic can reach the stars, and bring them to earth for our dreaming. Greatly admired work. Just flat great! ! xxElysabeth

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Lee Degnan 12 July 2007

Hey, don't knock it.... I've seen you pack quite a punch with that pen of yours... great poem Jerry, love your wisdom...

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R H 05 July 2007

A poem that flows with honesty, wisdom and virtue. JZ

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Alison Cassidy 02 July 2007

This is one of your very best poems - honest, immaculately constructed and filled with heart. Your inner child still wears his boxing gloves though. love you. Allie Pie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Jerry, brilliant! I can totally relate to that. When a bloke has been in a nationally recognised biker club for numerous years he tends to grow a reputation. Those days are long gone but never forgotten. Great days but greater now. True respect. (I'll mail you about my Dad) Ez.

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Ridge Cahill 19 November 2008

‘O the maturation and growth from ill-tempered youth to wise old man, you capture it so. How wonderful this poem is Jerry.

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Coach Roth 01 June 2008

Sooner or later we all learn the pen is mightier...that or we die...Coach

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Well-done poem, I think most of trust to the pen as sword in life over other choices. At least, I prefer to think so, though, sometimes I am proved wrong.

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Gina PrettyBrownEyes 08 January 2008

very poignant. its true that when you're young arguments seem easily solved by your fists but as you grow older you realize the value of words. nice poem. :)

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Elle Thomas 15 October 2007

a good message. is this really you? well im just glad that you can see what you're doing. what i mean is that a quick tempered person does not have to be so quick if only they can see the problem fully. never mind. i enjoyed this poem thank you. im a fan for the rhymers.

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