# As Fighter And Fought - Lord Krishna Poem by Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

# As Fighter And Fought - Lord Krishna

Rating: 4.0

[A scene from the hindu epic Mahabharatham
where both duryodhan and arjun come to lord
krishna for favors to sopport them in the war

Arjun sat near foot
duryodhan sat near his head
god in deep slumber

a war approaching
with a request both waited
god in deep slumber

Krishna wakes to see
arjun first and with a smile
'what is your request'?

he came before me
ask his request first then me
arjuna told god

turning his head to see.......

'duryodhan here too
may i know your request too'
krishna waits to hear

we need your support
you should help us in the war
duryodhan's request

krishna to duryodhan......

you may have come first
i asked arjun's request first
i shall help you both

thinking for a moment......

'duryodhan' he said
'you can have all my soldiers
whole of my army'

to arjun he said
you and your brother's have me
not as warrior

further krishna went on
i will not handle weapon
not as warrior

will be there for you
to take you around war field
as charioteer

duryodhan content
thought army was big asset
thought he got best deal

arjun content too
to have god as charoiteer
thought he got good deal

though god pleased them both
it was a war where he was
both fighter and fought

as charioteer
convinced a confused arjun
with the song of lord [BHAGAVATH GEETHAI]

Shashendra Amalshan 07 August 2009

Hey this is great.. I liked the way you narrated the story.. Very entertaining indeed.. you kept the reader interested through out.. Bit like a reading a novel or drama... good..job well done! ! ! with love shan

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Joseph Poewhit 08 August 2009

GOD in heaven, musters armies to fight for the balances of rightness.

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rago rago 09 August 2009

best write and you diction is beautiful.........I like the way you have presented the theme..........

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Sarwar Chowdhury 09 August 2009

beautifully explained! I have read the epic Mahabharatham in bangla. 10+

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Sarwar Chowdhury 09 August 2009

beautifully explained! I have read the epic Mahabharatham in bangla. 10+

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Indira Babbellapati 05 September 2009

a good re-telling...

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Krishnarasa Seshadri 01 September 2009

One of my favourite scenes from my Mahabharatha.......I love this....Wats the Vaishnava sena against Vishnu himself huh? ? U should also write about the scene wer Krishna as Pandava dhut enters the Kaurav court! Amazing description by Vyasadev....

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Surya . 21 August 2009

a critical scene well explaned voted10 surya

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Subbaraman N V 20 August 2009

A lovely presentation! May Lord Krishna's blessings be on all Arjunas in the world!

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 15 August 2009

An epic of Mahabharata came alive....................a good write.....

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