As I Lay Dying Poem by Connor Whyte

As I Lay Dying

Rating: 4.4

As I lay dying I breath my final Breaths, My last dying breath I call to you, I call to you in confusion, I am not what people think I am, I use this body as A disguise, My dreams are my cover to my confusion, I try and push my dreams down but it is just a replay of the things that I have done wrong.

This substance I take to erase my thoughts are fading and to which I have grown used to, Use to the feeling, I am numb and my words seem untrue, Which is real I do not know, Is this life I am living just another excuse to fail, I have fallen we have all fallen, I push the meaning of existence, I push you like I have pushed away my real self.

As I lay dying I know I have fallen to the truth that is painful, I use these words to speak to the old me that is in hiding, The old me was strong and the new me is surrounded in untold misery, Demons call to me they drag me to the depth of meaning, Meaning I have felt to deny.

The wraith of decision makes our words unclear, The distance between life and death makes our words distant, The fog calls to me and drowns the image of myself, This fog makes our views hard to judge as we can not see through the thickness and density that surrounds us.

For every step I take I get more lost in this fog that keeps building, I have lost my way and circle in my steps as I don't know where to go, Wait for the light that never seems to come so it can burn the heaviness that makes the oxygen hard to breath, We were put on this place by free will, Look what we have done No one deserves to have the will giving to us, We abuse it like we abuse ourselves, If there was A god why would he let this keep happening, I have found no faith in you as you have no faith in humanity.

As I lay dying I call to the sky in need of vision I am blind to see what has buried me is it man or is it me? For I am both Man and

Mandi June 01 January 2013

A very powerful piece... It's so wonderful to find another soul who can express themselves with such emotion... Feeling and worrying are two different things, entirely, but you do a marvelous job of expressing your felons and connecting to the reader... You must have gone through some a very difficult time: (I'm very sorry for that, but UT had clearly sculpted you into a fine poet...

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Makayla Straight 11 December 2012

This is an amazing piece. I think we all felt this at one time. Great writing :))

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Carolina Soto 01 May 2012

You speak for everyone and this poem is beautiful!

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Fallen Angel 27 April 2012

Very nice poem. I know exactly how you feel. Keep up the good work :) love this poem

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Effie Ellsworth 25 April 2012

I is written very well, and I can definately feel what you are feeling and relate to it.. it's very good

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Zachary Edmond Lockhart 18 January 2017

Very powerful piece, really hit the nail on the head with feelings of desperation and sorrow. The end ties it all together with one succinct question :) good job!

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Alicia Phillips 11 March 2016

This went straight to the heart and soul no doubt about it I love this poem

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Meggan O Reilly 14 February 2013

Love this I can feel your pain Has so much truth and meaning to it I can relate to you

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Bethany M. 08 February 2013

I love this. The message it sends as well as the expression of personal struggle and wonderings make it come together nicely! :)

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Sandy Player 10 January 2013

bitterness and confusion. maybe those are the prevalant feelings when death slips herself in. good thoughts mixed with the disclarity you spoke of with the confusion

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