Connor Whyte

Freshman - 570 Points (March,30th,1993 / Montana)

Connor Whyte Poems

1. Life. To You Mother 1/31/2012
2. Valentines Day 2/14/2012
3. Gutless Pig 4/5/2012
4. This Curse 5/13/2012
5. Sense Of Duty 1/4/2013
6. Truth That Hides 11/22/2012
7. A Step Forward 1/27/2016
8. The Reaper 3/14/2016
9. Toxic Hollow And Gothic 6/29/2016
10. No Reason Anymore 3/28/2012
11. The Beast Within 1/31/2012
12. The Riders 6/29/2012
13. The Edge Is Near 6/11/2012
14. Toxic 6/12/2012
15. Birthday I Wish Would Never Come 3/29/2012
16. Hopeless 3/23/2012
17. Make Things Right 2/3/2012
18. The Cold Heart 3/23/2012
19. Prince Of Darkness 7/1/2012
20. Growing 10/17/2013
21. Who I Am 2/3/2012
22. Lose Yourself In Music, Feel The Flow 2/5/2012
23. A Monster And A Revolver 2/22/2012
24. Evil That Dwells Within 2/9/2012
25. Never Forgotten 4/28/2012
26. Dropping This Heat 5/13/2012
27. A Soldiers Lullaby 8/14/2012
28. Human Condition 1/5/2013
29. Caroline 3/19/2012
30. As I Lay Dying 4/1/2012
31. Love 1/30/2012
32. Lies 3/20/2012
Best Poem of Connor Whyte


The eyes of A lier show no truth, The eyes of a good lier fools those who are blind.

Seeking the truth when the devils your story, Bidding you farewell and letting you commit the sin and burn in hell, Your alone living with the lie you tell that you will only believe, You made a grave mistake.

Tick the time and start it back you can't change what you have done, Malevolent and untruthful you seek justice but you have no one to run to.

Your hated in the eyes of your family you would be lucky if the devil even wanted you, Your alone and in distress living your lies you can't ...

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Who I Am

I am someone who feels anger and hatred towards others that think high of themselves.
I am who I am and I am proud to be who I am. I am someone who has done wrong out of anger and paid for it and in return was left with a broken heart.
I am someone who appears to be kind but on the inside I am hurt and full of confusion.
I am someone who does not trust anyone and will not be there to put myself out and help when I have been shunned, to many times have I been lied to and treated like I was a c

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