Human Condition

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I let the man that stands before me speak, I listen to his words and listen tell he begins to bleed, tell the floor is covered in his liquid and his embrace on life slips falling to his knees he begins to choke, Choking on his own words as the blood spills from his mouth as his lies begin to kill him eating him inside out, tell there is nothing but a pile of clothes soaking in his blood.

My head begins to throb as I listen to the woman who stands before me, yelling at my mistakes and pointing a finger at my defeats I watch every movement she makes every step she paces, I tune out the sound of her annoying voice as she begins to quiver my hearing clears, She begins to gasp and cough I watch in utter amazement her tongue turns green her face turns blue her speech starts to shake and her body drops in front of me. Her eyes stare at me I stare back into her emptiness I see someone as sadistic as a murderer, she wheezes out one last word and its hate.

I walk alone in a world misguided in evil I hold on hope waiting to find this person who speaks truth and tranquility, They say we have the right to the pursuit of happiness why have I not found it? Are those eyes I stare into my only fate of comfort? Are those lies I hear the misguided truth? Am I the only one who can seem to believe them?

The man that told the lies bled the woman who only seeks oppression rots, is it in his nature to only lie, is it in her personality to overpower the weak why give them the chance to breath? Is it every humans right for a second chance but what if they failed that chance? Who decides if they can carry on and manipulate the right leading the young in the wrong path?

It's those who follow only the wrong, the ones who follow wealth over human health, to destroy the human condition and make life harder to advance for those who have tried, I already gave up and the inside of me has died.
Saturday, January 5, 2013
This is not made to be pretty, Its not supposed to be really happy, this is based on two real people who have had an impact on me one was a therapist and one was my father.

If you leave rude comments I am going to report this has nothing to do with quality or beauty its supposed to be ugly caused it is based on two Ugly people so if you have something you want to say save it don't care or want to hear about it.
Anne Yun 10 March 2016
I could feel what sufferings you had experienced at that time, words express a lot of that power of agonies, which must tore you apart. I remember an advertisement of Lancome perfume, it goes like this 'what makes a woman so beautiful? happiness, and energy, energy from deep within.' it's a sentence suitble for all humans, i see your energy, wish i could see more of your happiness, too
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Kaila George 11 August 2013
Ive only recently got back...been gone from this site for ages and seeing this write...its wonderful to see such a talent here...I hope you do well in what ever chose to do...10 in my book thanks for sharing.
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Jessie Jett 21 February 2013
Connor Good write! It is very powerful and has a message I am still trying to understand. I like the metaphor. You have a great way with words! Pretty or not LET IT OUT! Takes people on a journey and can tell some can relate.
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Titi Dale 08 January 2013
Hi Connor! Indeed a gem. You have great vocab and I think you will excel greatly in the poetry world. Maybe you could try writing narratives? Tiegan
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Chelsea Page 08 January 2013
i love it its a great write keep penning(: Love, Chelsea
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Poetheart Morgan 05 January 2013
Like you said that is the human condition, but you have no more to accept that. Choose you always can do that.
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